Event Equipment: How to Use the iPad for On-Site Member Registration

iPad Password: 

1. Contact on-site representative for Wireless Access login and password information.

To connect to WiFi: 

  • Open Settings
  • Choose WiFi
  • Choose current location’s network and enter password (when required)

* Note: some firms require re-authentication if the iPad disconnects from the network (i.e., by idling or put on standby via the power button). Consider temporarily changing the auto-lock timer to Never via Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock.

2. Open Safari browser and direct it to www.apabasv.com. Oftentimes, a Google search of “apaba-sv” will result with the same link. Click on "Join Us", and leave on that page as “Join Today!”/”Sign Up” and “Renew” lead to different pages.

3. Repeat previous step after each sign-up/renewal to ensure fresh page for the next person.

4. If auto-lock settings were changed, please remember to change back or power off the iPad.

5. Please re-charge the iPad for future use or let someone know when returning the equipment that it needs to be re-charged.