APABA Silicon Valley owes its success to a rich history of Silicon Valley APA leadership.  Each of our Past Presidents and Lifetime Members has left an indelible mark on the mission, values, and culture of our bar association.

Past Presidents

2006   Bijal Vakil
2005   Andrew Vu
2004   Scott Chang
2003   Ivy Chen
2002   Jeffrey Li
2001   Cammie Chen
2000   Steve L. Yep
1999   Julie Matsumoto

1998   Hon. Erica Yew
1997   James Der, Jr.
1996   Cammie Chen
1995   Jerry Fong
1994   Linda McCulloh
1993   Cammie Chen
1992   Linda McCulloh
1991   Cammie Chen

1990   Linda McCulloh
1989   Cammie Chen
1988   Jacquelyn Maruhashi
1987   Dannette Sakoda
1986   Ed Oshika
1985   Grant Kolling

Lifetime Members