Each year, the APABA Silicon Valley Charity awards Achievement Scholarships to law students throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  The purpose of our scholarships is to recognize law students who have demonstrated leadership and service to the Asian Pacific American community, who overcame personal hardships or challenges, or who have shown excellence and achievement in law school.  The recipients of our Achievement Scholarships have volunteered at various non-profit organizations throughout the Bay Area, and many of our past recipients have volunteered at organizations dedicated to providing legal services for the Asian Pacific American community.  These scholarships are made possible through funds raised from our annual Gala, generous sponsors such as LTL Attorneys LLP, and matching donations from other organizations such as BALIF.

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APABA Silicon Valley Achievement Scholarship


HANNAH CHUNG is a recent graduate at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. She received her B.A. in history at Concordia University Irvine. At Southwestern, Hannah was involved in the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA), where she helped to organize mixers for law students in the community. She also participated in the Children’s Rights Clinic, where she helped youth who were discriminated based on their disabilities. During her 2L summer, she served as an AmeriCorps volunteer at Public Counsel, where she provided direct services to foster and probation youth in issues related to education, housing, domestic violence, and traffic violations. This past year, Hannah worked in landlord/tenant law throughout the Bay Area, helping minorities from being wrongfully evicted. Hannah hopes to continue her work with low-income families and youth to overcome barriers and access to entitlements through legal representation and advocacy.


CHLOE MARIE RAMOS CZABARANEK is a 2L at Santa Clara University School of Law for the 2018-2019 school year. Currently she serves on the board of the Filipino American Law Society and the Social Justice Coalition volunteering for the Asian Law Alliance and the Katharine and George Alexander Law Clinic. Prior to law school she helped nursing home workers win their NLRB elections, and focused her efforts towards labor and workers’ rights. Chloe pursues her passion for immigrants’ rights through law in hopes to keep families together as a deportation defense attorney. This past summer, she interned at the Santa Clara County Counsel’s litigation department through the Bay Area Minority Summer Clerkship Program. Chloe earned her B.A. in Political Science with a Minor in Music at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She is an avid saxophone player, and hopes to continue to play music throughout her life.


APABA Silicon Valley / BALIF Joint Scholarship


NEIL BAUTISTA is a rising 2L at UC Hastings College of the Law. A proud anteater, he received his B.A. in English from UC Irvine. He completed an undergraduate honors thesis regarding the rhetorical confinement of the Third Gender (bakla) community in the Philippines. Additionally, he chartered and founded a multicultural Greek organization gay, bisexual, and progressive men, and directed the activities of about 70 interns as one of the five executive cabinet members of the associated students. He worked as a Faculty Support Associate at Southwestern Law School for four years before finally deciding to go to law school. 

As a law student, Neil hopes to continue expanding his advocacy efforts for the queer, API community. He is currently one of the Co-Presidents of Pilipino American Law Society, and plans to focus his efforts on the retention and outreach to the Pilipino-American youth. Additionally, he is a 2L Representative for Kaplan Bar Review. After law school, Neil intends to pursue a career in civil rights lawyering, impact litigation, or plaintiff-side employment discrimination law, with a focus on LGBTQ rights and racial justice.


APABA Silicon Valley / Asian Law Alliance Fellow Scholarship

AMRITA SETHI is a rising 2L at University of California, Hastings College of the Law. She is an international student from India who spent the past four years in Boston, where she attended Boston University. She was an Economics and Mathematics major, with an English Minor who graduated May 2016. After graduation, she interned at companies in different fields including private equity, non-profit, finance, and taxation. At Hastings, she was the 1L Representative and is the Incoming VP of Finance for South Asian Law Student Association. She also volunteers for the Legal Advice and Referral Clinic. This summer she interned at the Asian Law Alliance in San Jose, where she assisted low-income clients with issues related to housing and immigration.


APABA Silicon Valley / California Bar Foundation Joint 3L Diversity Scholarship

KENNY NGUYEN attended UC Hastings College of the Law and recently graduated with a criminal concentration. He was the President of the Vietnamese American Law Society at his law school. He earned his Bachelor of Arts at UCLA. He has interned in various district attorney’s offices throughout the Bay Area, and currently he is working as a post-bar law clerk at the San Mateo District Attorney’s Office. In the near future, he would like to work as a trial lawyer within the criminal justice system, where he can be mindful about the concerns of impoverished communities, restore the voice for victims, while possessing outcome-determinative influence to address injustices and ensure the public’s faith in the criminal justice system. During his free time, Kenny enjoys to play and watch basketball. He is a loyal Golden State Warriors fan since back in the days of Latrell Sprewell, before the team became the dynasty they are today. Kenny has a passion for travel, adventure and education, and tries to visit at least two new destinations around the globe every year so he can continue to learn about the world.



Equal Justice Scholarships (funded by LTL) Henna Kaushal (UC Berkeley)
Jaya Reddy (SCU)
APABA Silicon Valley / BALIF Joint Scholarship Itir Yakar (UC Davis)
Public Interest Scholarship (with ALA) Alyssa Daatio (USF)


Equal Justice Scholarships (funded by LTL) Kenny Nguyen (UC Hastings)
Jerel Pacis Agatep (UC Hastings)
APABA Silicon Valley / BALIF Joint Scholarship Ian Barber (UC Hastings)
Public Interest Scholarship (with ALA) Michelle Kim (UC Berkeley)


Equal Justice Scholarships (funded by LTL) Rena Sera (GGU)
Steven Vong (UC Davis)
APABA Silicon Valley / BALIF Joint Scholarship Victor Ng (USF)
Judges' Scholarship Cheryl Ho (SCU)
Asian Law Alliance Fellowship Tiffany Leung (Boalt Hall)


APABA Silicon Valley Spring Achievement Scholarships Daniel Borca (UCLA)
Catherine Nguyen (SCU)
Elaine Ma (SCU)
APABA Silicon Valley / BALIF Joint Scholarship Marc Tran (UC Hastings)
Asian Law Alliance Summer Internship Michael Francis Miguel (Boalt Hall)
Asian Law Alliance Fall Internships Rubina Chuang (UC Davis)
Dorothy Ma (USF)


APABA Silicon Valley Spring Achievement Scholarships Cindy Dinh (UC Berkeley)
Judy Hinh (GGU)
Nisha Kashyap (Stanford)
Jessica Le (UC Davis)
Laurance Lee (UC Davis)
Nikki Marquez (Stanford)
Patrick Ting (UC Davis)
APABA Silicon Valley / BALIF Joint Scholarships Hazella Bowmani (SCU)
Ramond Rollan (USF)
President's Scholarships Michelle Liang (SCU)
Yanni Lin (UC Hastings)
Asian Law Alliance Summer Internships Hong T. Le (UC Berkeley)
Jennifer Sta.Ana (USF)
Asian Law Alliance Fall Internships Sheena J. Knox (Suffolk)
Amanda (Anda) Kwong (GGU)


APABA Silicon Valley Spring Achievement Scholarships Tiffany Keng (SCU)
VyHanh (Amy) Nguyen (SCU)
Shawn Park (UC Hastings)
Isabella Shin (SCU)
APABA Silicon Valley / BALIF Joint Scholarship Atticus Lee (UC Davis)
Asian Law Alliance Summer Internships Jessica Le (UC Davis)
Tina Lu (UC Hastings)
Tracy Pham (UC Hastings)


APABA Silicon Valley Spring Achievement Scholarships Christopher Chou (Stanford)
Cathleen Hamel (Stanford)
Yuki Ku (SCU)
Tuan Ngo (UC Hastings)
Michael Nguyen (UC Hastings)
Asian Law Alliance Summer Internships Wei Lu (SCU)
Frank Hsu Yen (USF)


APABA Silicon Valley Spring Achievement Scholarships Zahra Shakur Jamal (USF)
Christine M. Pham (SCU)
Asian Law Alliance Summer Internship Olivia Layug (SCU)
Charles Wonpu (SCU)