APABA Silicon Valley Endorsements for 2018 NAPABA Elections

As a regional affiliate of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA), APABA Silicon Valley is proud to be a part of the 2018 NAPABA elections process, and we encourage our membership to participate in the upcoming elections. If you previously registered as a NAPABA member (either using the APABA Silicon Valley affiliate code or by becoming a direct member of NAPABA), you are eligible to vote in this year’s election.

This year’s election presents an unprecedented number of contests for NAPABA officer positions (President-Elect, Treasurer, VP for Membership, and VP of Communications). In order to provide guidance to our membership, and in response to requests for endorsements from a number of the candidates, APABA Silicon Valley formed a special committee of current and past leaders to interview each of the candidates for these four contested positions. In order to present a complete slate of endorsements, this committee also conducted due diligence regarding all of the candidates for officer positions. All candidates were found to have significant bar leadership experience.

The candidates whom APABA Silicon Valley has chosen to endorse all have outstanding leadership experience, clear goals and a strategy, a strong sense of professionalism and collaboration, as well as presenting themselves as impressive role models in many respects. APABA Silicon Valley is proud to announce its endorsement of the following NAPABA election candidates:

  • Candidate for President-Elect: Bonnie Wolf
  • Candidate for VP for Programs and Operations: Charles Jung
  • Candidate for VP Communications: Daniel Hu
  • Candidate for VP for Membership: Barbara Lum
  • Candidate for VP for Finance and Development: Courtney Fong
  • Candidate for Secretary: Jeffrey Javinar
  • Candidate for Treasurer: Annette Kwok

APABA Silicon Valley thanks all of the candidates for contested positions for participating in our evaluation process, as well as for their service to the APA legal community.