Associate Counsel - UC Office of the Chancellor

Involves providing research and advice on legal issues affecting UC Santa Cruz and/or the university at large. Provides the full range of legal services to clients in the following practice areas; labor and employment, faculty and student affairs, health law, governance and public accountability, construction, land use, research compliance, intellectual property, business transactions, litigation, real estate, taxes and gifts and estates, as well as expertise regarding the regulations and policies of the university. Direct services include litigation, contract negotiations, advice, and assisting with the development of effective compliance and risk mitigation strategies to facilitate the university's complex operations.

Independently handles a full range of legal matters and projects, including those which hold substantial importance and impact. May act as a liaison with outside counsel and/or represent the University in litigation. Provides advice on a wide range of legal questions associated with the administration, management, and operation of the campus as requested by the Chief Campus Counsel. In addition to above-described practice areas, general practice areas may include: risk management; research regulation and compliance; constitutional law (religion, speech, association, privacy, and due process rights); auxiliary and service enterprises; development and maintenance of campus facilities and assets; contracts; athletics; and various other areas where institutional rights and responsibilities are implicated. May engage in work involving: Title IX, ADA, Title VII, FEHA, EEOC, CEQA, Clery Act, CPRA and other areas governing university activities. 

Assists with litigated matters involving the campus and may monitor such litigation for the Chief Campus Counsel. Reviews and evaluates revisions to or proposed campus policies and procedures and advises the Chief Campus Counsel, or other originating officer, on the legal implications of policy and procedure content and promulgation. In this regard, the Campus Counsel seeks the consultation and opinion of the Office of the General Counsel where existing legal opinions are insufficient or where the law may be unclear or ambiguous. 

Negotiates or acts as agent of the campus administration in special transactions as requested by the Chief Campus Counsel, including: settlement agreements, special contracts and agreements, license applications, exchange agreements with other universities, liability waivers, acceptance of subpoenas, and interaction with governmental agencies. In so doing, is expected to exercise judgment to remain within the limits specified and instruction stipulated by the Chief Campus Counsel. 

Prepares or obtains from the Office of General Counsel, legal opinions and advice as sought by campus administrators. Assists in the formulation of the campus response to University-wide policy initiatives. 
Provides timely updates to the Chief Campus Counsel on all significant matters. Supports the diversity efforts of OGC and Office of the Campus Counsel. 

Executes all other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Chief Campus Counsel.

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