Attorney - Oakland City Attorney's Office (Neighborhood Law Corps)

The Oakland City Attorney’s Office is seeking a highly motivated individual to serve as an attorney in the Neighborhood Law Corps.

The Neighborhood Law Corps (NLC) is a unique, innovative, and award-winning community law program that focuses on proactive, neighborhood-based and community-directed lawyering. The program – described as a cross between Legal Aid and the Peace Corps – brings legal resources and remedies into Oakland's diverse neighborhoods to address issues affecting quality of life in those communities.

The NLC attorney position is in the Affirmative Litigation, Innovation & Enforcement Division of the City Attorney’s Office. NLC attorneys focus on combating blight, human trafficking, public safety, tenant protection and other important community concerns and quality of life issues by performing litigation, policy work and other actions. The position is responsible for representing the City in state and federal courts and will provide significant litigation-related experience.

We are interested in recruiting from the broadest and most diverse pool of candidates, and ask that you share this announcement with your members.

For more information and the full application, go to: