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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE (HPE)’s position is that diversity fuels invention, drives new business, and helps attract and retain the best employees. The company is committed to maintaining a diverse workforce and a culture of inclusion, where courtesy, dignity, and respect come naturally.

The HPE Office of the General Counsel (OGC) supports the company’s global and diverse workforce to provide world-class legal services to Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Specifically, the OGC Diversity & Inclusion Committee works to ensure that OGC employees enjoy a diverse, supportive and inclusive working environment through involvement and leadership in an array of legal and professional organizations, both inside and outside HPE.

The Committee participates in the OGC's recruitment and retention initiatives to foster a continued pipeline of talent with varied and global perspectives, including the new hire recruitment program directly with law schools for new graduates. The Committee also works to ensure HPE's outside legal counsel and vendors reflect HPE's strong support of diversity. As part of that effort, the Committee reviews relationships with law firms to ensure they maintain diversity programs and staff HPE matters with a diverse group of legal professionals.

Reflecting the vast range of communities HPE serves, Committee members lead and coordinate the OGC's participation in Street Law, the Silicon Valley Urban Debate League, and other pro bono and volunteer projects in Palo Alto and around the world. 

HPE’s Office of the General Counsel is grateful for APABA Silicon Valley for its longstanding support of the inclusion, development, and advancement of Asian Pacific American attorneys in the legal profession – and is honored to have received the 2017 Inspire Award for Diversity.